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Vectorworks Landmark Software

Create a better built environment with Vectorworks Landmark software. Whether you are transitioning from hand drawing to a CAD solution, or from a general CAD application to a site design solution, Vectorworks Landmark software has the versatility to handle every step of the process. With Vectorworks Landmark, you can produce 2D and 3D concepts, analyze the pre- and post-development site conditions, and create construction documents with intelligent, built-in objects, powerful databases, and flexible documentation features.

Product Overview

Best-in-Class 2D

Vectorworks software's best-in-class, 2D functionality helps you to produce beautiful drawings and high-quality, professional documentation with ease. Our extensive suite of drawing and editing tools make quick work of any type of project, helping you to define your signature look and meet industry standards. Your style is not limited by “cookie-cutter” looks. Instead, add gradients, tile and image fills, stipples, and hatching. Easily incorporate digital images and graphics. Use our exclusive sketch rendering technology to change hard-lined drawings into soft, hand-sketched illustrations, blurring the line between clear, accurate technical documentation and compelling presentations. When you move to technical documentation, your models become the basis for fully-integrated documents, where views - plans, sections, elevation, and details - can be augmented with a full spectrum of dimensioning and reporting tools supporting many standards. Also take advantage of text and notation capabilities that make your drawings even more powerful, stylizing the text with a choice of fonts, sizes, colors, and even tracking and kerning. From vision to reality, we know the best designs are the ones that clearly communicate your inspiration.

Robust, Versatile 3D

An advanced suite of Parasolid®-based solids and NURBS surface tools lets you create any shape and easily explore geometry. Push, pull, blend, twist, sculpt, deform, or punch holes. With our intuitive interface, you can design from any 3D view using modes in modeling tools that automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor, and enjoy the superior quality that allows you to manipulate your model with ease. More accurate object information and better snapping make drawing in 3D easy. Anything you can imagine is possible to express in Vectorworks Landmark.

Efficient & Flexible Workflows

Create, model, present, and develop your designs easily and precisely with one application. With Vectorworks Landmark, you can move easily from design concept to technical documentation. Work on practically any type of project within a flexible and robust digital environment. Start with any image, sketch, or formal iteration and move easily between 2D and 3D views in a unified working environment. You won’t waste time getting up to speed because the software’s elegant, customizable interface and what-you-see-is-what-you-get display make it easier to learn and use than other CAD or Site Information Modeling (SIM) applications. Whether you’re a sole practitioner collaborating with other professionals or a large firm dividing work among different members of the team, Vectorworks provides a flexible way to manage productive workflows for even the most complicated project. Automatic data tracking does the work for you; built-in database worksheets continually keep track and update as your designs evolve. Plus, take advantage of the two-way link between database worksheets and objects, giving you the power to change object parameters directly from the worksheet. Vectorworks provides a quick and accurate way to assign custom data to any object, as well as easily create reports for such object data. Delivering accurate information efficiently while remaining true to a designer’s vision is the pivotal point of any artistic enterprise. As with all design tools, the fundamental purpose of software is to support and strengthen inspiration.

Extensive Interoperability

We recognize that the process of realizing a design often requires multiple sources of inspiration and refinement, as well as iteration, communication, and collaboration. Make your work even more compelling and easier to communicate with digital imagery. Import scans, digital photos, or web images. Import or export a wide array of image files. Also, publish your designs for inclusion in your firm’s marketing materials or website. Get on the cutting edge of collaborative digital practices, exchanging 2D drawings, 3D models, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and SIM data for numerous multidisciplinary, multi-platform design workflows, and even sending models to 3D printers.

Industry Leading Rendering

We’ve partnered with the award-winning CINEMA 4D render engine to provide rendering capabilities that are faster and easier than standalone rendering applications. When added to Vectorworks Landmark software, Renderworks® is fully integrated into the software interface, so it lets you seamlessly visualize your work throughout the design process while producing clear and accurate renderings. With the click of a button, rendered viewports in your documentation will update as your design evolves.

Leader in Site Design

Vectorworks Landmark provides an efficient way to introduce SIM capabilities into your workflow. Tools will help you analyze your design for boundaries, area, volume, slope, cut/fill, and other data such as water flow and sun/shade. Easily document existing structures, plant materials, and site conditions. Our ever-growing and comprehensive Plant Database provides all of the data necessary for your design and project needs. Plus, take advantage of our extensive plant image and landscape libraries for all of your contextual and entourage needs. Integrate mapping and site modeling needs into your current workflows. Add survey data to your drawing and use it as the basis of your site model, or import CAD drawings and data from architects, builders, or engineers to use as base plans. Import geo-referenced aerial/satellite images and Geographic Information System (GIS) data files from federal, city, state, or other agencies.