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Many designers create artistic and photo-realistic renderings of their designs using Vectorworks’ integrated rendering feature, Renderworks, while some designers also use the popular real-time rendering application, Lumion. To prioritize these varying needs, designers will enjoy a new live-sync rendering connection that allows them to perform real-time rendering while making design changes in Vectorworks software. In this webinar, attendees will examine how to easily manage design changes and quickly complete their work, while still providing superior presentations to their clients by using the new Lumion LiveSync plugin with Vectorworks.*

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to perform the new Lumion LiveSync connection between Vectorworks and Lumion.
  • Gather tips for preparing a Vectorworks project to use in Lumion.
  • Uncover new options in visualization styles that LiveSync enables for use in presentations.

*Lumion and the LiveSync plug-in are available on the PC and for English language users on the Lumion website: https://lumion.com/.

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