Vectorworks takes you from sketch to BIM

Vectorworks puts Building Information Modeling at the heart of the design process, empowering you to stay creative across your workflows.
Design your building information model in 3D by combining built-in, IFC-compatible BIM objects and tools with advanced free-form modeling (including NURBs and Pixar-based subdivision surface modeling). Attach information to any design element and use our powerful two-way worksheets to generate schedules and reports from your model. Utilize our unsurpassed 2D graphics capabilities to add your signature touch to your presentations and construction documents. Share your work, be interoperable across programs and platforms with Vectorworks’ myriad of import and export file formats, including certified import and export of models and data via Open BIM.
BIM Projects
Explore projects that demonstrate the practical and creative applications of BIM with Vectorworks design software.
Green Projects
We provide tools to help you achieve sustainability through design. Check out these examples of energy-efficient, eco-friendly buildings designed with Vectorworks software.
Open BIM & Vectorworks
We support Open BIM, the universal approach to the collaborative design, realization, and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows.