Vectorworks Architect


Benefits of Architect / Overview

As your process evolves, the tools you use to realize your creative visions need to evolve, as well. We understand this, and we've worked throughout the past year to adapt the Vectorworks family of design solutions to your needs.


Increase your efficiency. Boost your productivity. Go where you want to go. If you're an architect with an efficient CAD workflow making the transition between CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM), or if you're deep into implementing BIM techniques and workflows, we know your process as a designer is evolving. With new technology in the Vectorworks Architect 2013 software, you can create whatever you dream up with even greater efficiency and increased productivity. Our flexible, intuitive, and smart features continue to give Vectorworks Architect software the edge in drawing, 3D modeling, BIM, integrated rendering, and high-quality presentations. You get better collaboration, easy usability, and efficient features. Streamline your workflows improve your efficiency evolve with Vectorworks 2013.

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Architect Feature List

Create dynamic 2D and 3D designs, glide through your projects with a tightly streamlined interface, and access extensive features and resource libraries. Vectorworks Architect offers the features you want in a comprehensive, intuitive software that will multi-task just like you do.

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System Recommendations

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