Thank you to all who entered the 2017 Vectorworks Design Scholarship. Congratulations to the 2017 winners and runners up on outstanding work.

Richard Diehl Award Winner ///

NINGXIN Cheng & Kalen McNamara



Open Pocket allowed Cheng and McNamara to think more critically and imaginatively about what architects can do for their clients, and this process inspired the design. From listening closely to their ‘clients,’ the NASA engineers and administrators, they realized NASA’s mission is fundamentally about transformation rather than discovery, an observation that gave deeper insight into this winning project. Through the analytical tools and expressive media of architecture, they offer NASA a new interpretation of what the agency currently is and what it could become. Considering the fundamentals of architecture doesn’t mean ignoring its relevance to the users. Inspiration ideally comes from the analysis of human activities with the emerging technology, and the reflection on whether our buildings are matching our contemporary world.

Runners Up ///

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