Vectorworks software helps people transform the world. Whether you’re a student developing designs for a class, an educator teaching design, or an administrator making decisions about licenses and infrastructure, Vectorworks provides a comprehensive and intuitive design experience to help designers realize their visions.

Your Free Educational License

Students and professors in select global markets can download a free educational license of Vectorworks Design Suite software, which includes all the capabilities of Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight. For students and professors in the entertainment industry, the Braceworks, ConnectCAD, and Vision add-ons are also available.

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Free Software for Your School

Request a full lab donation for your school. You can get free Vectorworks Design Suite software — which includes all the capabilities of Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight — and the entire entertainment design solution with Vision, Braceworks, and ConnectCAD. Give your program the tools it needs to succeed.

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Discounts When You Finish Your Program

Kickstart the next step of your professional career with 40% off an annual subscription and other major savings with the Vectorworks student2PRO program.

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Visualize for Free

A free educational license of Vision software, the entertainment designer’s go-to source for stunning previsualizations, is available when you request Vectorworks Design Suite software. This license includes four universes.

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Design Scholarship

Annual scholarships awarded to architecture, interior, landscape, and entertainment design students.

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