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Every site designer’s process begins with a base file, and Landmark frees your workflow from there — whether you start from field measurements, surveys, GIS mapping, or drone-captured data, you’ll be able to work with an informed context plan and model to conduct pre-development analysis such as sun/shade, surface drainage, and slope.

Schematic Design

Bring your sketches to life by converting them to smart objects like hardscapes, landscape areas, plantings, and more. Landmark continuously supports your project through varying levels of detail, from 2D drafted concepts and bubble diagrams to 3D site modeling. This gives you the flexibility to use conceptual objects until you’re ready to specify your exact materials and easily update them with more accurate components as your design progresses.

Design Development

Count on Landmark to keep your projects current by referencing DWG, IFC, and RVT files and work through iterative changes from your collaborators. As your maturing projects gather more intelligence and data, you can use visual analysis to ensure your designed elements and their impacts on the site will be better performing. This data is also harvested through reports to capture the crucial calculations required by the client, contractor, and approving agencies.

Construction Documents

Vectorworks Landmark’s sheet layers and customizable viewports allow you to make detailed construction documents that fit the needs of your design process. 3D data-driven tools and a flexible BIM workflow allow you to seamlessly update and coordinate plans, elevations, sections, and any other details in your designs. Collaborate without compromise with a software that makes producing construction documents more efficient and less tedious.

PD Pre-design
SD Schematic Design
DD Design Development
CD Construction Documents

Work Smarter with BIM for Landscape

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could link all your drawings, details, models, and schedules? With Vectorworks Landmark’s BIM capabilities, you can. In Landmark, a change anywhere is reflected everywhere, which means you can spend less time manually updating drawings and more time designing.

Make Informed Design Decisions

Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Landmark gives you the power to optimize your designs. In one program, you can calculate construction costs and material takeoffs, analyze terrain for cut/fill, slope, and drainage, evaluate water budgets, and track sustainability goals. With all this information at your fingertips, you can make the best design decision the first time.


Collaborate With Anyone

Easily collaborate and share files with colleagues, consultants, and clients with an expansive selection of import/export capabilities, including AutoCAD®, Revit®, SketchUp® and Rhino® file formats, and more. Additionally, you can easily perform an OPEN BIM workflow for BIM projects requiring the direct referencing of IFC, DWG, RVT, and BCF file formats.

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Stay ahead of the curve

We’re proud to advance the use of emerging technologies and make them accessible to everyone. With Vectorworks, you won’t just keep up with the latest advances — you’ll stay one step ahead.

  • AR/VR

  • Point Cloud

  • Photogrammetry

  • Cloud Services

  • 360 Panorama

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Express your design standards, set your firm apart, and outpace your competition. With an extensive suite of drawing, illustration, and rendering tools, Vectorworks allows you to produce remarkable line drawings and 3D presentations that impress even the toughest of clients.


You’re in good company.

Discover how respected firms, design innovators, and award-winning landscape architects around the world use Vectorworks. When you choose Vectorworks Landmark as your design solution, you join a global community of designers who have the freedom to follow their imagination wherever it takes them.

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