Quality-Tested Hardware

Vectorworks has collaborated with various hardware manufacturers to test their equipme nt's performance with our software. Below is a listing of professional equipment we have validated for use with Vectorworks software. To learn more about this performance designation, see What is Quality - Tested Hardware on the FAQ page.

Manufacturers interested in validating their hardware equipment for use with Vectorworks should email HardwareTesting@vectorworks.net.

Please note, Vectorworks software performs well with all hardware equipment that meets our system recommendations. If you do not see a particular piece of equipment listed, we haven't yet tested it as part of this program.

3D Printers

System Hardware

Graphics Cards

Displays & Monitors


Vectorworks’ testing procedures focus on professional or workstation - grade equipment, as identified by the hardware equipment manufacturer. Receiving a performance designation of “Quality Tested” for Vectorworks software does not guarantee that a particular device is workstation - grade or that it will meet a user’s particular needs. Also, workstation verification results are valid only for the tested combination of hardware and driver specified and Vectorworks software version listed. Equipment li sted as receiving passing results provides no guarantee that the specific hardware will perform acceptably with other drivers.