Project Chosen - Eco Resort

Phase 1 | Start Here

Choose which project you'd like to see us design.

Sketch Chosen - Seaside Eco Resort

Phase 2 | Imagine

Choose the conceptual sketch that speaks to you.

Concept Chosen - Research Center

Phase 3 | Design

As the project progresses, choose from 3 concept boards.

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Phase 4 | Create

We'll share tools to help your firm move to a BIM workflow.

Phase 1 Recap

On April 1, we asked designers to vote on the proposed project’s building type. The options were: Mobile Gallery, Eco Resort, or Treehouse. On April 24, designers chose the Eco Resort. We entered all voters in a drawing and gave away two Wacom® Intuos5 pen tablets after each phase.

The Phase 1 winners were:

Joseph Wyman, Owner at ARQEON architecture
Carolina Garcia, PLA, LEED AP, BD+C, Career Services Advisor at Harrington College of Design and Owner at Culturelle3 Designs, Inc.

Phase 2 Recap

In Phase 2, we asked designers to select which conceptual sketch they wanted us to develop. Three unique napkin sketches were created: Arctic Resort, Seaside Eco Resort, and Desert Eco Resort. On May 22, voters chose the Seaside Eco Resort as the winning concept.

Arctic Resort

Winner! Seaside Eco Resort

Desert Eco Resort

The Phase 2 Wacom Intuos5 pen tablet winners were:

Joseph P. Grant, AIA, Associate Partner, Davis Brody Bond, LLP
Steve May, Architectural Technologist, Douglas Sollows Architecture, Inc.

Phase 3 Recap

In Phase 3, we asked designers to help determine which of three presentations would be brought from concept to completion using Vectorworks software: Boutique Eco Resort, Eco Research Center, or Family Eco Vacation. On June 26, the Eco Research Center was voted as the winning selection to move forward into Phase 4.

Boutique Eco Resort

Winner! Eco Research Center

Family Eco Resort

The Phase 3 Wacom Intuos5 pen tablet winners were:

Ron Kent, AIA, Outside the Lines
Robert Mullan, Frame Architects

Phase 4 Recap

In Phase 4, we asked designers to identify their firms' BIM workflow issues while we created resources to demonstrate how Vectorworks software can be used to quickly move from ea rly concept studies into a smart building information model. To demonstrate these capabilities, we designed an Eco Research Center and Resort in Malta. Read about the unique site considerations and programming demands that influenced the project’s design. Also, watch our on-demand webinars for additional resources that reveal how Vectorworks software can support your firm’s entire BIM workflow.

Then, don’t forget to register for upcoming webinars that discuss the conceptual visualization and energy analysis and sustainability processes for the project.

The Phase 4 Wacom Intuos5 pen tablet winners were:

Brian Rysdorp, The Hayes Group Architects
Joaquin Molina, Recinto Estudio de Arquitectura

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