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Learn about the Eco Research Center’s BIM process

Vectorworks software empowers architects to use conceptual ideas to help make design decisions early in the BIM process. Using the resources below, see how Vectorworks software enables the Vectorworks Design Team to transform a series of hand-drawn sketches through the site and project programming phases using a BIM workflow.

Eco Research Center

See how the project came to be
See how the project came to be.

Terrain Modeling

Site Considerations (PDF) This document explains the design criteria and considerations for selecting Malta as the project’s location.

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Space Planning

Programming Document (PDF) This introductory programming document forms the basis for the functional criteria that will be used for the design.

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Conceptual visualization

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Energy & Sustainability

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Learn how Vectorworks can help your firm adopt a BIM workflow

Schedule a consultation with the Vectorworks Design Team, or learn how these architecture firms use Vectorworks software in a BIM workflow: Cearnal Andrulaitis, Platane Architecture, Inoxidar.

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