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Event Details

2013 Utah Green Industry Conference & Trade Show - Booth #511

Monday, 28 January, 2013 | 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM | South Towne Expo Center

If you're planning to attend the 2013 Utah Green Industry Conference & Tradeshow, don't miss this opportunity to learn about our landscape-specific CAD software, Vectorworks« Landmark 2013, and attend one of our two presentations!

Incorporating Design Technology in Landscape Design
Jan 28 - 10 am - Room 200 C/D
CEUs: 1 DOPL Pro, 1 UCNP

Many companies struggle adopting design technology, fearing the transition would be more costly then beneficial. However, design/build professionals are finding advantages when integrating software and online resources to aid in client satisfaction, material selection, and successful installations. This presentation will take you through various levels of technology landscape design/build firms can use today to improve productivity and accuracy.

Attendees of this session will:

  • Learn how to incorporate general and industry specific software applications, or online resources, to assist in a hand-drawing, or limited CAD design workflow.
  • Understand how to leverage various design software applications to ensure accurate calculations for estimates, easily share information with other team members, and creating deliverables for client presentations
  • Realize that adopting fully integrated design software can help achieve accurate and illustrative 2D drawings, 3D analysis and rendered presentations, and connectivity between various portions of a design/build operation.

Water Efficient Landscape Design using CAD
Jan 28 - 2 pm - Room 200 C/D
CEUs: 1 DOPL Pro, 1 UCNP

Designing landscapes with sustainability in mind is no longer a matter of preference but one of meeting jurisdictional requirements. Site design professionals can expect Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to not only make their current design workflows easier but also to help meet the new obligations in water-efficient site design. By incorporating the water needs of proposed plants designing hydrozones for irrigation and calculating water budgets CAD applications can help you to design beautiful landscapes that maximize water efficiency.

Attendees of this session will :

  • Observe how customizable data fields in a Plant Database and Plant Symbol can sort and create plant palettes based on each plant's water needs.
  • Discover how polygons and tags can assist in creating informative Hydrozones, making Water Budgets easier.
  • Understand how customizable Spreadsheets become a tool for calculations, to determine the amount of water needed.
  • Learn how tools can assist in quantifying non-potable water sources (i.e. rainwater) reduce the use of potable water sources.

Register Now

Location: South Towne Expo Center, 10450 South State Street, Sandy, UT
Contact: Vectorworks Landmark|landmark@vectorworks.net|888-646-4223