Our Industry Partners

Vectorworks Inc. partnerships with innovative companies around the world enable you to add advanced capabilities to your workflow, from superior 3D modeling to cutting-edge visualization to innovative energy or structural analysis.

To learn more about a specific industry partner and their software solution, browse from the list below.

Energy Analysis

Vectorworks has established a strategic partnership with IES, the world leader in precision sustainability solutions, to enhance building performance and improve workflows between design and energy analysis modeling applications.
Developed by HPC-SA, experts in solar simulation, irradiance, and raytracing technologies, ArchiWIZARD is a thermal simulation program, suitable for optimizing energy efficiency and sustainability to 3D design BIM models in Vectorworks software. The ArchiWIZARD plug-in for Vectorworks is currently available only for French localized versions. It is marketed by RayCREATIS and distributed in France through the Vectorworks distributor CESYAM.


Our collaboration with MAXON and its high-quality visualization software program, CINEMA 4D, allows you to take your Vectorworks presentations to the next level.
Vision Pro
We have formed a strategic partnership with ESP Vision to provide a complete design, visualization, and simulation solution to lighting designers worldwide.

Airflow/Thermal Analysis Simulation

Advanced Knowledge Laboratory is the creator of fast, easy-to-use airflow simulation tools for architects, including FlowDesigner. This tool can be used with Vectorworks software through Open BIM collaboration, and it provides the ability to quickly analyze and visualize interior and exterior airflows and temperature distribution on architectural building and site models.

MEP Design

Developed by Data Design System, DDS-CAD software is the Open BIM tool for MEP engineers, delivering solutions for electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and photovoltaic systems. Through the IFC file format, users have the ability to seamlessly exchange and coordinate models created in Vectorworks software.

Structural Analysis

Scia Engineer
Scia and Vectorworks have teamed up to offer a powerful, integrated A/E workflow with Vectorworks Architect and Scia Engineer, the world’s premier 3D structural design and analysis program.

3D Modeling

With the integration of Parasolid, the world’s leading 3D solid modeling component software, Vectorworks offers faster modeling operations and “no-limits” approach to 3D.

Interior & Furniture Design

interiorcad & interior xs
Extragroup GmbH develops interior, kitchen, cabinet, and furniture design solutions. The interiorcad and interior xs plug-ins enable you to incorporate enhanced modern furniture, kitchen, and cabinet design features directly in Vectorworks software.

4D Construction Project Management

Synchro Professional
Vectorworks Inc. and Synchro Software Ltd. are working together to provide truly open and flexible collaboration between architectural modeling and construction planning BIM tools. Using the IFC file format, building information models created in Vectorworks Architect can be imported into Synchro Software’s award-winning 4D BIM software, Synchro Professional, for construction planning, scheduling, and project simulation.

Pedestrian Simulation

Developed by A&A Co., Ltd., Waseda University, and Takenaka Corporation, SimTread is used with Vectorworks software to analyze pedestrian traffic flow, even for complex designs. It can also assist in evaluating evacuation times and verifying a design’s circulation pattern. SimTread is available in both the English and Japanese localized versions. The English version is sold by Vectorworks, Inc., and the Japanese version sold by A&A Co., Ltd.

BIM Server

We have partnered with Asite to support improved coordination of BIM-based workflows from design concept to project completion. Through Asite’s cloud-based collaboration platform and its Adoddle cBIM™ application, architects can selectively and securely share their Vectorworks BIM models and worksheets with project collaborators through an IFC or COBie output using a cloud-based model server for the project.

BIM Content Management System

Vectorworks Inc. and BIMobject AB partnered to assist manufacturers with developing BIM objects for Vectorworks software users worldwide. BIMobject is a global provider of a cloud-based digital content management system for the construction industry. The manufacturer objects will be in the native Vectorworks file format and become available directly from the BIMobject cloud platform.

IFC Data Exchange

Vectorworks Inc. and Datacubist Oy have partnered to enhance the data exchange of building information models among project stakeholders. By importing an IFC-STP file into Datacubist’s simplebim platform, Vectorworks Architect users have the ability to trim any unnecessary data, copyedit or match the data structures of a specific receiving BIM tool’s requirements, and enhance the utilization of the IFC information delivered to others.

Acoustical Simulation

ODEON A/S is the developer of interior acoustical simulation software. Through an STL file exchange, Vectorworks software users can analyze, listen, and predict how sound will move in a desired room based on their building model using ODEON.

Become an Industry Partner

We are committed to expanding our capabilities and establishing alliances with supporting industry software platforms. If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Nemetschek Vectorworks, please contact industrypartners@vectorworks.net.