BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design

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BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design is the leading guide to architectural design within a building information modeling (BIM) workflow, giving the practitioner a clear procedure when designing climate-load dominated buildings. The book incorporates new information related to BIM, integrated practice, and sustainable design, as well information on how designers can incorporate the latest technological tools. François Lévy demonstrates that sustainable design has an even greater relative impact on small-building performance than large, and that BIM's well-known efficiencies lower overall costs at any scale and can be easily applied to sustainable design. Each chapter addresses specific topics, such as natural ventilation for cooling, passive solar heating, rainwater harvesting and building hydrology, optimizing material use and reducing construction waste, and collaborating with consultants or other building professionals such as engineers and energy modelers. Complete with coverage of integrated design and other NAAB APR requirements, BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design is a must-have resource for architects, engineers, students, and construction professionals involved in sustainable design projects. 
In addition, BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design:

  • Features case studies of eleven small-scale projects in which BIM methodologies were applied to sustainable design issues and problems
  • Addresses critical topics, including site analysis and massing analysis, solar geometry and daylighting, passive heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting, onsite energy systems, materials and waste, and much more
  • Surveys leading BIM applications and complementary software
  • Includes a discussion on collaboration with consultants and other software users, such as energy modelers