The Biz of Previz: Efficient Workflows for Corporate Previsualization

Hosts: Thomas Thompson, President, Prelite Studios, LLC

Join Thomas Thompson, president of Prelite Studios, LLC, as he discusses best practices for collaborating on large-scale corporate events from initial lighting design to previsualization. Thompson will highlight efficient workflows using real-world examples from his own projects. Attendees will follow Thompson throughout his process, examining the tools and technology he uses, including Vectorworks Spotlight, to previsualize events based on models he receives from external teams. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine what critical data needs to be gathered from the corporate client in order to ensure the success of a given model.
  • Explore strategies for acquiring and incorporating information during design development (i.e. patch information, files, etc.).
  • Discover best practices for setting up layer and class visibilities within a Vectorworks Spotlight design file.
  • Examine export options from Vectorworks Spotlight to Vision previsualization software for better organization and control.

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