Streamlining Your Audio-Visual Workflow

Hosts: Chuck Walthall, , Walthall & Associates

Join audio-visual design consultant Chuck Walthall as he walks through a workflow for a recent project combining acoustical, audio, video projection, and environmental projection design. Attendees will discover some of the challenges common to this process and learn best practices for overcoming them to complete projects on time and within budget. Walthall will also discuss how he uses renderings to communicate his technical designs to people outside of the industry and unfamiliar with the complexities of audio-visual production.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand best practices for integrating acoustical, audio, video, and environmental projection design.
  • Discover ways to improve collaboration amongst architects, installation contractors, and the owners/clients for audio-visual productions.
  • Learn how to overcome time, budget, and location obstacles within the context of a case study project.
  • Examine how to convey complex technical ideas to a given client through the use of effective renderings.

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