Schematic Design in BIM Software Part 2: Make the Move to Efficient Workflows

Hosts: Luc Lefebvre, OAQ, LEED AP, Vectorworks, Inc
Sarah Barrett, Architectural BIM Specialist, Vectorworks, Inc.

The architectural design process can be very complex, as it involves iterative and branching ideas. That's why it's important that the methods used to explore design concepts are efficient and easily adaptable, so you can communicate your ideas effectively. This process can involve various methods, from hand sketches and space planning to 3D models and renderings. 

In Part 2 of this webinar series, Luc Lefebvre, OAQ, LEED AP, and Sarah Barrett, Assoc. AIA., will demonstrate how to organize multiple iterations of a design for presentation and how to move a schematic model to a full Building Information Model. 


  • Explore different design methods for creating conceptual models. 
  • Differentiate between the various workflows that can contribute to an iterative design process. 
  • Recognize the benefits of using a single design interface to develop a conceptual 3D model into a Building Information Model. 
  • Discover how to communicate and present different design iterations within a single file. 

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