Project Digital Archiving Best Practices for Security & Posterity

Hosts: Jeffrey Ouellette, Assoc. AIA, IES, Vectorworks

Is your archive strategy endangering your work? Even if you use the most modern technology, it may be time to find more durable methodologies.

This session will explore archiving concerns, vulnerabilities, and solutions, covering points such as:

  • The limitations of simply saving a project's CAD/BIM files to durable media or cloud-based storage
  • The real risks of your work and resulting client data becoming inaccessible in the future
  • How the U.S. Library of Congress and International Organization for Standardization standards of digital preservation can inform your approach to protecting access and security

Be sure to join us for this examination of digital archiving - the future of your practice may depend on it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify data security deficiencies commonly found in practices today
  • Define all the important aspects of collecting, storing and accessing data for long term preservation
  • Identify best practice for implementing robust digital project data archiving
  • Discover possible technology, tools, and services to aid in developing a robust digital project data archiving plan

For 1 AIA LU credit, take this test after watching our webinar. 


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