Optimizing Files for Streamlined Previz

Hosts: Jim Rood, Owner, Rood LD

Previsualizing and cueing a show or event offers incredible benefits in terms of time savings and workflow efficiency — but you’ll gain none of this value if your file isn’t previz ready. Join lighting design, programming, and simulation expert Jim Rood, owner of Rood LD, for a one-hour webinar exploring how to optimize a design file for export to a previsualization program. Attendees will leave with a defined workflow for collaborating with previz professionals and technology, as well as a few tips and tricks for better processes gained throughout Rood’s years of experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate best practices for importing lighting design files from external collaborators.
  • Discover workflows for reducing geometry within a lighting design file for streamlined previsualization.
  • Examine layer organization strategies for optimized previsualization.
  • Assess processes for file export to previsualization software.

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