Entertainment Rendering Techniques That Sell Your Concepts

Hosts: Michael Helms, , Appalachian State University

For many entertainment design professionals, especially theater and set designers, a major part of the creative process involves customizing textures to accurately reflect their vision for a given production since, oftentimes, that realism can mean the difference between selling a design and a client walking away. To ensure the success of your projects, join Michael Helms, professor of theatre arts at Appalachian State University, as he reveals his rendering workflows for creating, importing, and applying custom textures to models within Vectorworks® software.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe common rendering workflows and techniques for creating photorealistic designs.
  • Examine how to acquire and prepare custom textures from external sources.
  • Define the process for importing custom textures into Vectorworks Spotlight software.
  • Investigate various ways to apply textures to elements within an entertainment design model.

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