Designing with Concrete in the 21st Century

Hosts: Sarah Barrett, Senior Architect Product Specialist, Vectorworks, Inc.

Concrete is a rather ubiquitous, tested, proven, and versatile building material. It has been used for literally thousands of years to create long-lasting man-made structures of all types, including buildings. Architects in the past few centuries have found it to be an appealing choice to express dynamic and vibrant designs in ways that other materials could not. The ability to structurally reinforce concrete and form it into custom, free-flowing shapes can give it an organic quality that is different from most other materials. This can produce more design freedom and the ability to incorporate unique and custom features into a buildings as a part of the basic construction process. 


  • Explore the historical and contemporary evolution of concrete and its use in key building material. 
  • Investigate the design issues related to using concrete as a durable, long-lasting primary building material. 
  • Assess design strategies related to creating buildings that can be innovative in shape and form and meet structural and fire codes. 
  • Identify the role that design software and building information modeling can play in achieving exceptional concrete building designs. 

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