Collaborative Workflows for Landscape Architects

Hosts: Stephen Schrader, PLA, ASLA, Holcombe Norton Partners, Inc.

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As increasing demands are placed on landscape architects to meet sustainability standards at local and national levels, as well as from independent agencies, learning to work seamlessly with designers across teams and disciplines is critically important. That's why this webinar from Stephen Schrader, PLA, ASLA, associate landscape architect at Holcombe Norton Partners, Inc., uses case study examples to examine how collaborative workflows drive the set-up of a drawing file, particularly when coordinating with civil and architectural plans. Attendees will also dive into using smart CAD tools, reports, and worksheets to speed up site plan production while complying with green codes, as well as earn SITES or LEED credits. Further, they will also explore how to maximize the information attached to digital geometry shared with project design teams. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Investigate how to set up a drawing file for updating civil site plans and architectural floor plans.

2. Define the applications of smart tools to speed the transition from presentation drawings into working drawings (and vice versa).

3. Recognize strategies for applying database, reporting, and spreadsheet functions in worksheets to derive site data from geometry and smart objects in a CAD drawing to create construction cost estimates or demonstrate code/LEED credit compliance, as well as to simplify calculation tasks and reduce errors. 

4. Summarize best practices for working with a variety of drawing file sharing needs across a design team while preserving data generated in a landscape architectural design.

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