Bringing A Niemeyer Project to Life With BIM

Hosts: Luis Ruiz, Senior Product Specialist, Vectorworks, Inc.

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Caique Niemeyer is the great-grandson of prominent architect Oscar Niemeyer, a pioneer of modernist architecture known for his designs of the buildings of Brasília, Brazil’s capital city. Join Luis Ruiz, Senior Architect Product Specialist at Vectorworks, Inc., as he discusses how Niemeyer’s idea was used to develop the design of Santuário Papa João Paulo II using BIM software. Learn how free-form modeling tools, combined with smart building objects, allowed Niemeyer to design the 1,961.60-square-meter building slated to be built on 12,000 square meters of land in Rio de Janeiro.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how design software can be used to explore ideas and extract information to make design decisions.
  • Explore different modeling techniques that help transition schematic massing models into more defined building models.
  • Analyze how architects can leverage general modeling tools, as well as parametric BIM tools, to create unique designs.
  • Examine how digital models can be used to present ideas and generate technical documentation. 

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