Advantages of 3D Site Modeling in Vectorworks Landmark

Hosts: Tony Kostreski, ASLA, Moody Graham

Now more than ever, 3D site modeling is integral to the workflow of landscape design professionals. With more site design firms expecting superior 3D site modeling workflows, many industry professionals are now seeking comprehensive and viable software options that integrate information modeling with free-form modeling. 

Join Tony Kostreski, ASLA, Project Designer at Moody Graham as he explores the different 3D site modeling processes used within Vectorworks® Landmark and SketchUp. Attendees will walk away with in-depth knowledge of how to consolidate workflows while developing 3D models for analysis and visualization purposes. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore how you can easily transition your workflows into information modeling in both SketchUp and Vectorworks Landmark. 
  • Learn how to quickly turn simple 2D objects into 3D "smart" objects within Vectorworks Landmark software. 
  • Recognize the benefits of integrating information modeling with free-form modeling for site design.
  • Discover how spreadsheets built within Vectorworks Landmark software can provide site information to help with decisions such as cost options, plant schedules, and hardscape schedules.

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