Adapting New Technologies to Your Production Design Workflow

Hosts: Jim Woodward, , Vectorworks, Inc.

Technology in the entertainment industry is constantly evolving, including the tools you use to design, document, and sell your ideas to clients. Join Jim Woodward, senior entertainment product specialist at Vectorworks Inc., as he revisits his design for a past project, updating the file based on modern workflows and techniques using cutting-edge design software. Jim will not only examine how to transition out-of-date practices into streamlined, efficient processes, but also define the limitations of past technologies and provide solutions for overcoming these roadblocks with updated tools.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify new tools and techniques that can aid designers in streamlining their current workflows.
  • Determine common roadblocks in adapting to new technologies and how to overcome them.
  • Analyze modern design workflows through the lens of a case study project.

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