A 192-Mile Game Changer: Save Time With Rigging and Load Calculations

Hosts: Ethan Gilson, ETCP Certified Rigger, Entertainment Rigging Services, LLC

Join Ethan Gilson, ETCP Certified Rigger at Entertainment Rigging Services, LLC for a free, one-hour webinar as he demonstrates the efficiency of using a rigging analysis tool with entertainment design software. Through a case study example of a 192-mile bike ride fundraiser, Gilson will show attendees how load calculations can be done more efficiently and accurately, improving your workflow process. 

Attendees Will:

  • Understand the evolution of conducting load calculations in the pre- and post-CAD software eras.
  • Discover how the Braceworks™ add-on module for Vectorworks®  Spotlight increases safety and compliance within one interface. 
  • Learn how to conduct your own load calculations using Braceworks to save time on projects and reduce the number of errors.
  • Explore how Gilson uses Braceworks to model suspended loads that create an accurate representation of the forces at play across the entire length of the beam.

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