Business of Creativity

Staying Creative in Your Firm

Hosts: Steve Alden, AIA, NCARB, Architect, Vectorworks Inc.
Guests: Ali Honarkar, , Division1 Architects
Michael Timcheck, AIA, The M Group Architects + Interior Architects
Dylan Chappell, AIA, Dylan Chappell Architects

Join us for a lively discussion about how three architects ensure that creativity remains central to their designs. Working within an architectural firm affords a certain level of creative control. Whether making decisions about which projects to accept, driving a project's evolution, or delivering a design they're proud to put their names on, these three architects balance it all. Is it easy? Certainly not. Remaining creative and delivering on a promised vision demands hard work and relentless passion. Deliver on those requirements, however, and you end up with more than just a predictable solution. You end up with real design that has heart.

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