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Art in Architecture

Purpose-Driven Design: The Impact of Social Responsibility on Architecture

Hosts: Rubina Siddiqui, Assoc. AIA, Steve Alden, AIA, NCARB

Architectural design begins with a desire to fulfill a client's specific needs. But what if the design also needs to address the aspirations of an entire civilization? Today, the challenges of managing resources, population growth, changing climate, and economic disparity all impact the purpose of architecture. Technological advances bring increased power to the design process, and contemporary architects are viewing the world through a wider lens than ever before. They want to contribute real and meaningful solutions that improve the lives of those touched by their work while ensuring the long-term stability of the environment. Join us for an examination of the work of several architects who are designing with genuine purpose and a commitment to sustainability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover why today’s designers choose to take a broader approach to their creative solutions by considering the social impact of what they build.
  • Examine how students in design programs are responding to, and influenced by, important sustainability initiatives.
  • Identify how technological advancements in design software and construction methodology help achieve better building performance.
  • Investigate the work of several practitioners who have made a commitment to purpose-driven design.

For 1 AIA LU credit, take this test after watching our webinar.

Program Hosts

Rubina Siddiqui, Assoc. AIA

Rubina Siddiqui, Assoc. AIA, Senior Product Specialist – BIM Solutions, Vectorworks Inc.

Rubina’s knowledge of BIM and her architectural experience help her to work with designers to understand their needs and goals, as well as demonstrate how BIM workflows can benefit their projects by communicating how interoperability and collaboration with all parties in the design process improves with Open BIM. She’s also worked as both a project architect and a BIM manager for firms, focusing on institutional projects such as schools.

Steve Alden, AIA, NCARB

Steve Alden, AIA, NCARB, Architect, Vectorworks Inc.

Steve is in charge of exploring concepts that reveal how state-of-the-art software enhances productivity while still allowing great design to materialize from inspiration, exploration, and discovery. He believes that being an artist and remaining creative play a crucial role in all facets of the design process, from predesign, through execution, realization, and experience of the final work. He therefore works to ensure that Vectorworks software supports the creative process and remains a best-in-class design package.

Art in Architecture

PoMo Interdictive Architecture: 1985 to 2005

Modernist architects shocked their contemporaries by designing buildings of pure function. Post-modern architects retaliated, creating structures so heavily adorned that...

Art in Architecture

Post Preapocalyptic Architecture: 1965-1985

The Earth wasn’t destroyed, so now what? After living under the threat of a nuclear apocalypse from the end of WWII to 1965, architecture had to find a way to cope with...

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