Are you...

  • A talented and innovative designer?
  • Developing projects that positively impact communities?
  • Solving problems or addressing academic, civil, or social concerns?

If so...

We invite you to apply for a Vectorworks Academic Research Grant.

Grant recipients can represent any design-related discipline, and both individuals and groups are urged to nominate their project(s).

Our goal is to fund activities that encourage, preserve, and communicate the best approaches to global design issues. Currently, we are funding projects that involve the reconstruction of historical lighthouses and the creation of a series of tutorial videos for students and faculty. Be creative!

Vectorworks Academic Research Grants are provided in U.S. dollars to pay for expenses related to:
  • Designing or marketing a public space that incorporates humane design concepts and principles or is of historic importance
  • Increasing awareness of an idea or solution through educational avenues (e.g., an individual developing a curriculum, arranging a symposium, establishing a program or department, or writing a textbook/resource guide on the subject)
  • Disseminating information for greater public/professional awareness

Submission Form

Please describe your project. How does your project positively impact the community? How is it making a difference in the world?*

Why should we support your project? What makes your project different?*