Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Quality Tested Hardware?

    Quality Tested is any hardware equipment that has been tested by Vectorworks and meets the minimum performance requirements for use with our software. Receiving a performance designation of “Quality Tested” for Vectorworks software does not guarantee that a particular device is workstation-grade or that it meets a user’s particular needs.

  • Why should I use Quality Tested Hardware?

    Any hardware equipment that is not validated by Vectorworks may under perform or not sufficiently support advanced functionality and features of Vectorworks software. In addition, hardware equipment for which performance is not validated may potentially result in problems during the use of our software.

  • What does the check mark in the Passed column mean?

    The check mark signifies that the equipment meets our minimum performance requirements for use with Vectorworks software. Also, this verification is valid only for the tested combination of hardware and/or driver specified, as well as the Vectorworks software version listed on the Quality Tested Hardware section of our website. Equipment listed as receiving passing results provides no guarantee that the specific hardware will perform acceptably with other drivers. To review specific hardware model specifications and drivers tested, click the model name that appears underneath the model column for each hardware manufacturer listed.

  • What if my hardware is not listed?

    The Quality Tested Hardware page only lists equipment that has been provided by the hardware manufacturer and tested for use with Vectorworks software. Vectorworks’ testing procedures focus on professional or workstation-grade equipment, as identified by the hardware equipment manufacturer. Any manufacturers, models, or equipment that are not listed require further validation by Vectorworks before being designated as Quality Tested Hardware.

  • Could I still use my present hardware equipment even if it has not been Quality Tested for Vectorworks software?

    Yes, you can still use the hardware with Vectorworks software, assuming it meets our system recommendations. If your hardware is not listed here, it simply means it has not been tested as part of this quality testing program. You might also check the Knowledgebase for known issues or contact your local Vectorworks representative. The Knowledgebase is our online resource where you can find answers to the most common technical questions about Vectorworks software and watch video tutorials and tech tips all in one place.

  • Where should I submit a hardware issue encountered with Vectorworks software?

    For any issues encountered when using the latest shipping version of Vectorworks software, please visit our Report an Issue page and complete the online form. Before submitting an issue, please make sure you have updated to the latest version of Vectorworks software and have verified that the issue you have encountered still exists.