Why BIM?

Take ownership of your designs and feel empowered to make decisions with tools made specifically for landscape architects. BIM is not a hard-and-fast set of rules for landscape professionals to follow. Rather, it’s a way to design with data instead of solely using geometry or 2D lines.

Extract from BIM Models with Ease

Wouldn’t it be nice to model in a BIM environment, and then extract drawings, details, models, and schedules as needed? With Vectorworks Landmark’s BIM capabilities, you don’t have to worry about updating all of your project information — when the model changes, schedules and drawings automatically update to reflect that change.


With BIM, you have the power to optimize your project — from early schematic designs all the way to the documentation and build phase.

  • Analyze Terrain
  • Sun & Shade Studies
  • Calculate Preliminary Costs

Collaborate as a design partner

With the most import/export capabilities available, as well as support for open BIM and IFC, you can easily work alongside architects that use other applications. 

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