Frequently-asked Questions about GDPR and Vectorworks Software

With the enforcement of the new EU data protection regulation known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are actively taking steps to inform you about how your Vectorworks data is collected and how you can control the data that we receive.

Vectorworks software collects data about how you use Vectorworks products; this information is saved in a user log. Preference settings within Vectorworks allow you to manage the type of data that is reported to us from this log. In addition, when you check for software updates, we require general information about your machine so that we can offer you the proper update.

What is error reporting?

Error reports include aggregated information about application crashes and other basic usage statistics.

What information is collected in a user log?

A user log is a file that contains Vectorworks usage data, such as Vectorworks version number and general operating system configuration (platform, graphics card, and monitor resolution). The log also includes application crash details, selected workspace, undo actions, and tool or command selection. Your selected reporting preference determines how much of this data we receive.

What do the options in the Error reporting preferences mean?

The options allow you to choose one of four levels of information detail sent to Vectorworks.

  • Send nothing: When you check for updates or activate Vectorworks software, we always require general data about the operating system, graphics card, monitor resolution, and Vectorworks version.
  • Send crash details: In addition to the general information that is always reported, this option allows us to receive additional information in the event of a software crash, including idle time, alerts received, workspace information, and graphics card operations prior to the crash.
  • Send crash details and light usage patterns: In addition to the previously listed information, we receive a list of undo actions, actions taken before a software crash, the type of objects that may have been selected, and Vectorworks-related file paths.
  • Send crash details and verbose usage patterns: In addition to the information reported through the light usage pattern option, we are able to receive additional information such as tool and command selection.

What information is not included in the user log?

We cannot see the data in your drawings. We do not collect usage data unrelated to Vectorworks software.

Where can I see the contents of the user log?

The user log is saved in your user folder.

Does data collection and reporting impact my usage of Vectorworks?

Data collection and reporting happens in the background as you work and does not affect your workflow.

What is Check for updates, and how is it related to usage data?

The Check for updates option, located in the Session tab of the Vectorworks preferences, selects how often the program should check for available software updates. We require general information about your system so that we can best determine the proper update for you. When checking for updates, we always receive general information about the operating system, graphics card, monitor resolution, and Vectorworks version.

What does Vectorworks do with the data that is reported?

We always seek to provide you with the best possible, highest quality Vectorworks software. The aggregated user log information that we receive invaluably assists us with product development while maintaining user privacy.