Together, we have been working with our partners and customers through the challenges generated by a global pandemic — a time unlike any we've experienced in our lifetimes.  

In the midst of all of this, we grapple with the devastating impact of racism and hatred in the US. This fault line of our country has been exposed once again. The enduring legacy of racism is sustained by our beliefs and attitudes, our biases and prejudices, our ways of interpreting and making meaning in our world. 

Vectorworks is proud of the diversity amongst our staff, distributors, and customers.  

“Inclusion” is one of the core values of Vectorworks and we must make every effort to live by it. This requires the work from each of us and of all of us. Individually, we must determine how we contribute to perpetuating injustice and sustaining structures that cannot continue.  

As part of the Vectorworks community, we invite you to join in denouncing the senseless acts of hatred and violence and ensure justice for all.


Dr. Biplab Sarkar | CEO, Vectorworks, Inc.