Exceptional design demands exceptional tools. Since 1985, we have served the architecture, landscape, and entertainment industries, providing design software that offers the freedom to follow your imagination wherever it may lead you. With over 30 years of experience and over 650,000 users worldwide, we help make the visions of our users a reality to create a better built world.

Becoming a Vectorworks Distributor gives you instant access to the tools and training that can help you successfully meet your business goals. Benefits of joining our global team include: an ongoing supply of leads, one-on-one product demos, and access to marketing materials. We will also connect you with our growing community of current Vectorworks Distributors, who can provide additional guidance through online forums and in-person networking opportunities such as our annual Distributors Conference.

Requirements to become a Vectorworks Distributor:

  • Employ sales and technical staff to demo and support your customers
  • Actively market and promote Vectorworks products in your designated market
  • Maintain a public office location
  • Offer installation, support, and training for all Vectorworks products sold to users
  • Provide end-user support

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