extragroup GmbH

extragroup GmbH

Germany-based extragroup GmbH provides a full end-to-end solution for interior designers, joiners and cabinet makers who are seeking a one stop solution from design to manufacturing. The full-featured interiorcad 3D Cabinet tool allows almost unlimited freedom in creating the cabinet construction you need. interiorcad's mission is bespoke furniture. Flexibility is where interiorcad really shines. Freedom in designing what you need, combined with unprecedented ease-of-use is what makes interiorcad's cabinet tool the #1 choice for designers of individual furniture. interiorcad's Custom Part is the nucleus of design. Custom Parts can be used individually or in combination with the interiorcad Cabinet, which is itself made out of interiorcad Custom Parts. Each part is modelled like a board material, with a core, two outer layers and edge banding. Each Custom Part can accept any number of millings. Millings can be freely positioned on custom parts. Just like windows in walls.

A mature Cabinet Maker, flexible 3D Custom Parts and an extensive hardware library, help you design and build. Built-in photo-realism utilising Cinema 4D enables impressive presentations. 2D technical drawings are derived from the 3D model. In Vectorworks, layout is at graphics program-level to ensure that technical drawings, presentation adornments and print output are up to the game.

We chose Vectorworks as the CAD-Core as it’s a fully fledged 3D-CAD that is also 2D capable. It also has all interfaces to export to DXF/DWG, Parasolid, Step and much more. With interiorcad as an add-on, you can drive your CNC Machining Centre. Thanks to the built-in technology, you can send send your customers a PDF, images, a 3D panorama or a film.

Carry out design, construction and preparation with unprecedented freedom. Production realism, not available in any other program, helps you complete the work quickly without compromise.

extragroup GmbH


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