Why BIM?

Architectural design is not one-size-fits-all, so BIM workflows shouldn’t be, either. That’s why Vectorworks Architect, one of the industry’s top BIM software programs, is built around an architect’s design process. The design-oriented BIM focus of Architect allows you to conceptualize and edit your project, while generating drawings and schedule in real time. This added benefit lets you refine construction details without compromising your creative process or scope of work.

Extension of an existing hotel in rauenalb - archis Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH


Bastian Weiland, partner at archis Architekten + Ingenieure GMBH, explains the efficiency and transparency offered by the BIM workflows in Vectorworks.

  • Firm Location: United Kingdom, Hong Kong
  • Firm Size: 60+ employees
  • Project Location: Watford, United Kingdom
  • Status: Spatial Coordination (as defined by RIBA)
  • Project Type: Mixed-use, Multiple Buildings (28 stories)
  • Collaboration: Revit

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Aerial view rendering of The Eight Gardens at Watford from A&Q Partnership The Eight Gardens at Watford | Courtesy of A&Q Partnership

Residential Architecture and the Pathway to BIM

Nick Lawrence, pioneer of BIM strategy at A&Q Partnership, breaks down the firm’s method for working on large, multi-disciplinary BIM projects with Vectorworks software.

  • Firm Location: United Kingdom, Hong Kong
  • Firm Size: 60+ employees
  • Project Location: Watford, United Kingdom
  • Status: Spatial Coordination (as defined by RIBA)
  • Project Type: Mixed-use, Multiple Buildings (28 stories)
  • Collaboration: Revit

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Holbrook academy exterior Holbrook Academy | Courtesy of Flansburgh Architects

A Successful Transition to Open BIM

With the Holbrook School project, Flansburgh Architects experienced a turning point in their workflow where they could finally leverage BIM throughout the entire design process.

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Status: Construction
  • Project Type: Educational
  • Size: 220,000 gsf on 2 floors
  • Collaboration: AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Autodesk BIM 360

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Interior shot of Idle Architecture’s Sackville Street project Sackville Street | Courtesy of Idle Architecture Studio

The benefits of investing in BIM

Idle Architecture is known for and take pride in tackling large projects — something that is traditionally not done with small firms, let alone executed successfully.

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Status: In Progress
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Size: 9 stories
  • Collaboration: Revit, Solibri

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With Vectorworks, we can work consistently in one program — from the first stroke to the window detail.

Dennis Thumm, ARP ArchitektenPartnerschaft

Meeting Public BIM Standards with Vectorworks

3+1 Architects were faced with a unique challenge in following strict standards to design the Tallinn School of Music and Ballet. From the technical aspects to meet the school’s requirements, to the data documentation to meet Estonia’s public building mandates, the firm used Vectorworks to keep information organized in one place.

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Data rich information is generated automatically from our models. This allows us to concentrate on the design process, whilst Vectorworks manages the exchange of data between different software packages for us.

Paul Beaty-Pownall, bpr Architects

WBW headquarters Germany | Courtesy of ARP ArchitektenPartnerschaft Stuttgart, CGI: Michael Bertsch

Proactive BIM for Big Projects

The ARP ArchitektenPartnerschaft office uses BIM extensively for various design tasks. In essence, they are successfully integrating practical BIM, which reduces risk in every step of the process.

  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Firm Size: 80+ employees
  • Project Type: Commercial, Residential, Industrial
  • Collaboration: Revit / Solibri Software

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The Evolution from Blueprint to BIM

From Crouse College at Syracuse University to the National Grid Building, the team at King + King Architects upholds a long history exploring the forefront of design — a philosophy they maintain today through their forward-thinking outlook on adapting to the latest in technology and BIM.

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Vectorworks BIM integrates easily with all members of the team, allowing us to easily coordinate with engineers, contractors, and even subcontractors.

Rob Glisson, Principal, ROJO Architecture, LLC

Osar Architects Astor project courtyard

Enhanced Structure, Scalability with BIM

Osar architects is seen as an icon in the healthcare sector, with hospitals, psychiatric institutions, and structured residential care centers as part of their portfolio. With projects of this scale, the inevitability these architects would use BIM led to Osar executing their projects in a more structured way.

  • Location: Antwerp and Ghent, Belgium
  • Status: Completed
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Size: 100 flats
  • Collaboration: Revit

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Scotts Sports Headquarters exterior Scott Headquarters | Courtesy of IttenBrechbühl AG

Collaboration with 3D BIM Models

By using BIM for the Scott Headquarters, IttenBrechbühl achieved precise designs based on improved collaboration among team members throughout the process.

  • Location: Switzerland (7 locations)
  • Firm Size: 300+ employees
  • Status: Built
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Size: 25,865 sq m
  • Collaboration: Plancal nova / Solibri Software

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Build Together with the Power of BIM

Heren 5 architecten faced a different way of working when asked for a design-build delivery. Using BIM allowed them to seamlessly collaborate with contractors on The Italiëlaan, a stunning public park in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

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KBNK Architects

A Telltale Introduction to Open BIM

KBNK Architects are masters of 2D drafting and planning who discovered Big BIM workflows by a client’s request. The project in question, a modeling of 12 apartment buildings at the SonninPark in Hamburg-St. Georg, shows just how intuitive collaborating with BIM can be.

  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Firm Size: 50+ employees
  • Status: Under construction
  • Project Type: Mixed-use, residential
  • Size: 12 9-story buildings (340 apartments)
  • Collaboration: Solibri & Allplan

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