Previous Meeting Notes April 3rd, 2013

April 3, 2013 | 6:00pm
Ballard Branch, Seattle Public Library

Subject:  Seattle Vectorworks User Group

Hi, Attendees - Thanks for your attendance and your great efforts at yesterdays Seattle Vectorworks User Group meeting!  I thought it was pretty fun.

Member Yann Buchanan walked us through his current design build project, The Coop.Yann - Thanks for showing a great project and relating your use of Vectorworks.  I really liked those model views of the rooms with transparent furnishings.  Caleb was welcome, too.  Maybe we can turn him into a Vectorworker.  I hope to see the finished project! All

  • I put email addresses on the Blind CC list for this message.  If you want to share your contact with the attendees, let me know and I will send another message with those who ask.  I will try to sort this during future meetings.  Some folks may want to retain their privacy, so I am complying.
  • A few key commands were new to some of the group.  Here is a review (Windows OS may have different keys for some of these):
    • Edit mode for groups, symbols, viewports and other container objects:  Cmd [
    • Exit the edit: Cmd ]   or click the Exit button.
    • Alt edit mode for these container objects:  Right Click then choose Edit from the dropdown menu
    • Switch/cycle through active layers: Cmd up/down arrow
    • Switch/cycle active class:  Cmd left/right arrow
    • Minimize a window or palette (this is a Mac OSX shortcut, not just Vectorworks.  Maybe works Windows OS, too):  Dbl click anywhere on the top bar - you don't have to click the yellow button.
  • This meeting was an interactive exercise: We took turns at the keyboard to model a simple "house" with a table inside.  Then we took turns showing ways to access and edit that hidden table in rendered mode.  The point is to demonstrate that there are many ways to work with objects and many ways to access them.
    • We looked at - Top Plan, Wire Frame, Relocate to easier view area (then move it back), Class visibility, Layer visibility, Group, Perspective zoom/walkthrough, Clip Cube
    • We did not look at - Symbol, Saved views, Viewports, Renderworks Camera, Worksheets, and probably some other ways we did not think of yet.
  • Catie showed off the Automatic Layer Plane mode when she placed the 2d circle for her vase on the table top.  She also used the Push/Pull mode of the 2d Circle tool to extrude it upward as a "vase".
  • That VW2013 file we worked on has only a few clues to the processes we worked with, so it is not attached.  But let me know if you want it.

 Remember - User Group members are eligible for 10% discount for purchases direct from Nemetschek Vectorworks (manuals, software, etc) - everything, I think, except the VSS. Feel free to contact me with question or comment. -B