Meeting Notes Jan 23 2015

January 23, 2015 | 6:00pm
Ballard Branch Library

Seattle Vectorworks User GroupMeeting Notes Jan 23 2015 Tim & Kathy showed photos of plantings and landscape design at residence in Queen Ann neighborhood. Tom G brought a print of a rendered view showing mods to a doorway intersecting a sloped ceiling. The new version has an oval recess over the door formed via solid subtraction. Thanks members! We always like to see what everyone is up to. We worked the remainder of the meeting on two questions/issues:• Why does a rendered scene darken when a spotlight is added? (and how to brighten?) °Turns out that a scene with no user created light objects has two light sources: the Ambient Light (AL) and a Default Light (DL). They each contribute to the brightness of the scene. The DL seems to emit from the upper left of the screen (in any view rotation). DL provides a bit of illumination and shading of surfaces. The DL is not user controlled, it’s just there by default. Switch off the AL to see this effect. If the AL is switched on, and a light object is added to the scene, the DL automatically switches off. If the new light object is not aimed at the scene or is very low brightness, the scene will darken, leaving only the AL. The AL brightness defaults to 35%. AL can be switched on/off and Brightness can be adjusted via the dialog in View menu>Lighting>Set Lighting Options. • Placing curved landscape walls so they are tangent to each other. ° We investigated creation of and aligning Landscape Walls via the Landscape Wall Arc tool, the Landscape Wall Bez tool, and by using a Polyline with the Create Objects from Shape command. The goal was to create continuous, serpentine landscape walls. We aligned sections of curved wall with Move and Rotate tools, and worked on preventing gaps between the various curved sections. The agenda topic of Intro to Stories, Levels, Layers will be saved for another meeting. Thanks Seattle Vectorworkers! -B