Meeting Notes, April 2, 2014

April 2, 2014 | 6:00pm
Ballard Branch, Seattle Public Library

This meeting was amazing.  More than a dozen attended, several of them architects attending for the 1st time.  Best was that the group brought a lot of material from their work.  Mary Lou brought a beautiful paper drawing set, in color, of a landscape plan including some 3d iso views and planting plan options. The group kept her going with questions for about 10 or 15 minutes. Matt and Mark from Alexander Exhibits  brought a current 3d trade show exhibit design on paper and the group delved into a discussion with them about designing in 3d, building from the drawings, shipping, setup at shows.  They also talked about design strategy for subsets and modules of the same exhibit used for different trade shows.  Matt S came over from Whidbey with a full pdf drawing set of existing conditions at Si View Park Community Center in North Bend - plans, rendered elevations, 3d engineering details, etc.  This turned into a detailed and lengthy discussion about 2d/3d workflow, worksheets and their relation to callouts and detail viewports, hyperlinks to get around in the drawing and to webpages, a demo of Photosynth and much more. Ross C brought a snap together plunger for a french press coffee maker and the drawings/renderings used to make it.

 We also discussed whether the 3d learning curve is too steep.  Many are struggling with the money equation - existing/known/fast 2d workflow vs slowing down to learn a 3d workflow, and hoping the data at end is worth the effort of all the modeling.  The architects in the room tossed that one around in a lively discussion.  We didn't see all of the work brought in.  We will get to it next time, along with my section viewport demo!  People didn't want to leave.  I had to make them stop networking at the end to fold up the tables and get out before the library closed. Thanks, Seattle Vectorworkers! Next meeting is June 19, 6pm at Ballard Library.Contact me with question or comment -B