June 8, 2016 Notes

June 8, 2016 | 7:00pm
Ballard Community Center

06/08/2016 Meeting Notes

Ross C brought symbol based shop drawings for a 30’x30’ trade show environment and stand up work station.  All parts are ready for CNC router cutting.  A 1/3 scale model was cut and assembled for structural and placement evaluation  Symbols allow edits to model of assembly while layout on cutting sheets updates automatically.

Rick C brought single family renovation drawings and discussion about field inspection permitting in Seattle. The permit plan set is printed on half size pages, now accepted at permit office.  Fun fact - beams under 14’ are acceptable in the instant field inspection permit.  14’ and over require full evaluation and long wait for permit.

Benson showed several items:
• Michael Klaer’s video about creating and using record formats in conjunction with work sheets in a drawing.
• Progress and walk-thru renderings for two public artworks at swimming pool in Issaquah, WA.
• Site model demo - how to interrupt the terrain with a swale or other depression crossing the contours.

Next meeting in August, TBA.