06/19/2014 Meeting

June 19, 2014 | 6:00am
Ballard Branch Library, Seattle

Hi, Seattle Vectorworks Users -

 6/19/14 Meeting Notes: First part of meeting was user work.  Tom G brought prints of some great renderings both direct from Vectorworks and with post processing in other software.  The model was from a residential addition/remodel project.  The various versions of the scene showed the addition, and the new BBQ/grille area with retaining wall and lawn.  Tom works in 3d and extracts construction drawings from the model.  These renderings are sort of a hobby and are sometimes used as sales tools.  One of the "fun" versions shows the back yard, sky and grille area populated with Godzilla, a lobster in the sky, humans doing the Twist, and other post rendering additions to the photo realistic scene.  He also showed a 20"x24" full color print.  This is one of a series of 4 iPhone photos of a garden detail on his property in North Seattle.  The 4 photos show same scene about a month apart.  The print was a $10, half price special from Bartell (Seattle drug store chain).  Ross related successful progress on CNC manufacturing of his coffee press project. He also related successful outcome of owning a URL under contention (Ross won the lawsuit!).  Benson showed a night view of a recently completed public art project designed in Vectorworks. User questions included a discussion and exploration of visibility of window tags.  The tags did not show up in the member's file, but were visible as expected in the file created for the meeting.  Ross and Catie led discussion about access to private and academic CNC routers, and training.  We speculated on Vectorworks penetration in the Seattle area design community. As a Vectorworks demo, we worked through a several features of Section Viewports.  The command is quite useful and comprehensive. We were wishing for consolidation of the widely dispersed controls and access to the various features of the section lines and section viewports. Next meeting:  August 21, 6:00pm at Ballard Library.  Thanks everyone! -B