01/23/2014 meeting notes

January 23, 2014 | 6:00pm
Ballard Branch Seattle Public Library

Members really came through with work samples this time.  We were shown beautiful examples of Vectorworks used in a wide range of endeavours: renderings and spin animation of a houseboat design, transfers of geometry from an old DOS program for further work, statewide lease management documents with data charts and floorplans, residential remodel sheets showing exsiting conditions with overlay of new, cutting paths drawn in Vectorworks to guide CNC router for components of snap together furnature.  Discussions from each example showed a huge range of creative use of the software.  Thanks, Members!!!

We continued the discussion about Viewports started at the previous meeting.  This time we looked at Design Layer Viewports and the basics of Referencing elements from one Vectorworks file into another.  The Viewport discussions will continue next meeting with Section VPs and Detial VPs.