Northern California

Working with Vectorworks 2014

November 12, 2013 | 7:00am
AIA East Bay Offices, 1405 Clay Street, Oakland, CA

Our focus of the evening was on the new features and improvements in Vectorworks 2014 that facilitate designing in 3-D, the new modeling tools, the many features in this release that increase workflow efficiency and offer better control over parametric objects, documentation and exchange of information with project stakeholders and collaborators.  We watched Powerpoint demonstration videos from Nemetschek Vectorworks and demonstrated some of our favorites:

  • Open GL rendering improvements;
  • New modes to Walk Through tool;
  • Tape Measure tool’s ability to size objects in viewports without entering Annotations;
  • Dimensioning improvements and ability to dimension objects within groups;
  • Previews for the Mirror tool, attribute opacity, and fonts within settings windows;
  • Alignment of leader line shoulders or labels;
  • Added mode to Trim tool allowing trimming of only selected objects;
  • Ability to crop imported bitmap images and to delete the area outside the crop from the file;
  • Height and width displays correctly in the info palette when object is rotated;
  • New ability to reference DWG files directly into Vectorworks documents;
  • The new publish command; and
  • New Twist Taper Face tools;


As well, we fielded questions and discussed issues that some users found bothersome, and shared information of interest to the group.