Meeting Notes 08/29/17

August 29, 2017 | 12:15pm
Ballard Branch Library

August 29, 2017 Meeting Notes:
Dave V from Northwest Event Technology ( previewed his Vectorworks Spotlight work with design, installation and event management for a completed event. He demonstrated Vectorworks design and presentation work flows used in this project for floor area planning (stage, audience, lighting, media areas, etc), soft goods, truss, and more. He discussed modeling and verifying the “house”, the electrical systems and many other aspects of this project.

Benson started a user group chapter about using Symbols in Vectorworks. Topics included file size and render time advantages, symbol creation, 2d & hybrid symbols, attributes of symbol components and other items. Future meetings will have more about symbols including Auto Hybrids, more on nesting, libraries and resource management, more!

Members discussed symbol visibilities and other topics related to their work. Some meeting topics and content were also addressed post meeting via Vimeo videos:

Symbol Visibility

Edit Symbols

Some things about Screen & Layer Plane

Some things about Replace Symbol

Please join us in Seattle for future meetings!