Introductory Meet and Greet

August 23, 2016 | 3:30pm
BDE Architecture 53 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

This meeting was used to learn about and introduce Vectorworks users in the Chicago area.

There were 5 attendees plus the user group leader.

  • Introductions were made from each attendee, identifying any of the applicable items: organization from, which Vectorworks version they may use, experience with Vectorworks, and how they use Vectorworks, what they would like to learn.
  • Discussed having the user group meet every 2 months on a Tuesday evening. On which Tuesday of the month was left open in order to schedule around any possible holiday conflicts.
  • One of the attendees offered their office to host then next meeting, which will have larger monitor and table, allow users to work through discussions while using the software, and record the Vectorworks training.
  • A list of future meeting topics were discussed.
  • Next meeting will be 2 parts
    • The main part of the meeting will be on the Organization structure of Classe, Layers, Sheet Layers, Viewports, and Saved Views.
    • The second part will be to go over some new tools
  • Next meeting will be in October. An invitation will sent with details a couple weeks prior.