Music City

Symbols, Records, and Linking Text Fields

August 30, 2013 | 6:15am
Nashville Children's Theatre

The primary content of this meeting was about creating records, creating symbols, and linking text fields within those symbols linked to a record. We looked at two ways of accessing and editing that data, either within a tab in the OIP, or through creating a worksheet and using that as well or instead. There was also a discussion about importing data from Excel and pasting into worksheets. We took a cursory look at this. We discussed the potential of the formulas used in Excel probably already exisitng within the VW worksheets and encouraged users to fully explore accomplishing the task within VW instead of trying to parse info within separate programs. Scott passed out a handout detailing and working through these concepts as well as a simple VW file that provided some examples.

It was a very good meeting with great questions and dialogue.