Music City

Nashville User Group Meeting Notes

February 2, 2017 | 7:00pm
Nashville, TN
  • Meeting quote
    • "It's all about the seconds"-Scott
  • DWG export to CNC now has no errors
    • Used to have problems with older versions
  • 2017 hates/loves
  • Hate
    • Access to symbols only on cloud
    • Upgraded service pack made symbols inaccessible 
      • Why does downloaded content disappear?
      • Problems with Vision
      • Instruments without an instrument type definition will default last active symbol
        • How to tell if it's Vision ready?
        • Fixture mode in OIP tells you if it's Vision ready
        • No whip/tail on fixture
      • Viewport names now at the bottom of OIP
    • Love
      • Don't have to have all  resources downloaded
      • Google style search for resources 
    • Questions
      • Difference between subscription and Vectorworks symbol libraries
      • Can we have a filter to show Vision ready symbols?
  • Marionette Scripting
    • Looked at circle example
    • Looked at scripts and explored how to edit via marionette
  • Title blocks
    • Project/sheet/general tabs
    • Build on sheet layers
    • Scale to specific paper sizes
  • Instrument keys
    • Build on design layer and viewport to plates
  • Custom work spaces
    • Custom object context
    • Custom document context
  • How to reorganize OIP
    • Can add new fields 
  • Next Meeting
    • Scripting with Andy
    • Or reviewing book
      • Entertainment Design
      • Light Plot deconstructed
    • Talk about exporting web views