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McVug Meeting: 3D Label Legends, VW2017 Pre-view, Entertainment Tools adds

August 18, 2016 | 9:00pm
Nashville Children's Theatre, 25 Middleton Rd, Nashville, TN 37216

We had a great meeting on Wednesday.  Our main topic was how to generate Label ledgends in a front elevation.  After that we talked about Vectorworks 2017 features coming to the table, including using a pair of 3d Goggles and a smart phone to look at a 3D model via Open GL and a web browser.  Great features when dealing with clients. Lastly, we talked about features coming up in Entertainment tools that Andy Landru has been working on.


Next meeting will revolve around failed projects.  Please keep an eye open for the next date and time.


Meeting Notes

  • Label legends in a front elevation
    • Design layer viewports
    • Need a design layer for each element on each plane?
    • Build a boom
      • Prep the way you build it
    • New design layer only thing in viewport
    • Create viewport on model layer
    • Need to have one lighting device or video object selected when creating DLVP
    • Rotate boom 90 degrees in side view
    • You need lots of DLVPs
    • Can you use worksheets to display info?
    • Usually pull info into Lightwright to manipulate channel, DMX, ect.  
      • 1+ ect
    • How does this translate to Auto-Cad    
      • It's ugly but it does it

Vectorworks to MA 2

    • Can be messy.  Not clean as it could be

Lighting tapes 

  • Worked very well
    • Could be a subject of a future meeting

2017 preview

  • 3D goggle demo
    • Export web view
  • Resource manager
  • Symbol management 
    • How to export symbol to user files
    • Advantage of having multiple symbol folders or using other drawings to reference.

Entertainment tools - Landru design

  • Solenoid placement for kabuki drops
  • Drape breaks
    • Min overlaps
  • Re did textures
    • Custom content
      • Rosebrand libraries 
    • Folder has a defined place
      • Softgoods- user folder
  • Class parts dialogue 
    • Custom class designation
    • Custom class prefix with standard classes
  • Blended screen
    • Curved screen
    • Based off of aspect ratio
    • Lensing determines length
  • Stantion tool
  • Array tool
    • Tracks lbs and kilos


  • Worksheet plugin
    • Used to scale
    • Doesn't work in 2016
    • Can VW do worksheet scaling?
    • Answer?
      • Use bounding box?

Next meeting:

  • Someone else to lead content
    • Could be a project?
  • Sarah
    • Failed project