January Meeting

January 23, 2014 | 5:30am
Louisville at the "Clubhouse"

Due to weather, a small group of us gathered.

We discussed 3D printing and it's potential as a deliverable.

We also discussed how to bring topo surveys together with building models in 3D.  It turns out the data coming from the surveyor was 2D dumb data.  So we used the videos on the Service Select website to walk through the process of taking topo lines and turning it into a 3D model.  We also touched on how to create site modifiers to get the survey to mesh with the building's needs.

We discussed what changes in 2014 seemed to help us the most.  (All three of us upgraded and have Service Select.)  It seems the speed increases in 3D were the most beneficial.

We think the next meeting should be about rendering in all its forms.  We would like everyone to bring their work and explain how/why they got to their final product.