Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor User Group_7.9.2016

July 9, 2016 | 12:00pm
TLS Productions, Inc. 78 Jackson Plaza Ann Arbor, MI 48103

In Attendance:

LEADER: Dustin D. Miller
John Charles
Robert Glowacki
Brad Hayes
Helene Kenny


- Introductions
We all discussed out backgrounds in entertainment design.
Robert, Brad and I all work for TLSP.
John works at EMU as a Technical Director/Designer.
Helene works at O2 Creative Solutions.

- Creating a Template
I led a simple step-by-step dicussion of how I create custom templates and how I utilize them with my job and design projects.
John brought up how the use of templates would speed up his designs.
We all were guilty of the "Copy an old show and delete what's not needed" mentality.
Robert, Helene and I agreed that integrating templates would have to happen much higher than our paygrade to make it work best.


Everyone plans on attending the next meeting in Septemeber.
We exchanged business cards and contact information to further discussion.

Start Time: Noon

End Time: 1:25pm