SimTread FAQ

1. What is SimTread?
SimTread is a pedestrian simulation software tool developed by A&A Co., Ltd., Waseda University, and Takenaka Corporation. Used with Vectorworks software, it can analyze pedestrian traffic flow, even for complex designs. In addition, SimTread can assist in evaluating evacuation times and verifying a design’s circulation patterns.

2. Who can use SimTread?
Anyone responsible for disaster preparedness, public safety, facilities management, or event, municipal, or campus planning would benefit from using SimTread. Incorporating SimTread as part of your safety and planning tools will fulfill the need for pedestrian circulation studies and flow analysis.

3. Is SimTread difficult to use?
You do not need to be an expert in CAD or BIM technology to use SimTread. Used in conjunction with Vectorworks software, SimTread gives you the flexibility to create simulations based on a Vectorworks drawing or use various imported file formats such as PDF, image, and DWG files. The SimTread results can also be exported to spreadsheet software for further calculation and analysis.

4. Does SimTread have any system or software requirements?
SimTread requires Vectorworks software to operate and works on both Mac and Windows platforms. The SimTread 2.5 software is available only for Vectorworks 2017.

5. Is there a recommended Vectorworks view setting when using SimTread?
SimTread should be used in Top/Plan view. Also, SimTread does not support a Rotated Plan view.

6. How do I purchase SimTread?
The English-language version of SimTread 2.5 is sold and distributed in the United States by Vectorworks, Inc. You can purchase the English version through our online store. For more personal attention and help with any questions prior to purchasing, contact our U.S. Sales team at 1-888-646-4223 or via email at To order SimTread 2 in Japan, please contact A&A Co., Ltd. For orders and availability outside the United States and Japan, please contact your local Vectorworks distributor or send an email to

7. What is included with each new license I purchase for the English version of SimTread?
You will receive a package containing the SimTread software and a hardware key (dongle).

8. Why do I receive a hardware key (dongle) when I purchase a new license of SimTread?
SimTread is protected with a hardware key (dongle) and is used under license for a period of 12 months. This dongle is required to activate your new license.

9. Does my license automatically renew after it expires?
Your license of SimTread does not automatically renew after it expires. However, you can request to renew your license at any time. For SimTread renewal orders and availability, contact your local Vectorworks distributor.